Sound Bite Me.

I really enjoy writing on this blog. However, I’ve been awfully busy these last few months. I never apologize for not keeping my blog current (after all, it’s my hobby, not my bread and butter), but I have seen a few movies this year that I haven’t reviewed,  and I though I would share some blurb-y, sound-bite-worthy reviews, all under five words or less.

Star Trek: Highly Entertaining!

The Proposal: Not that Funny!

The Brothers Bloom: Pretty Good!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Meh! Better than X-Men 3!

Terminator Salvation: Toothless and Boring!

Monsters Vs. Aliens: DreamWorks Will Never Be Pixar!

Up: Seriously, Best Movie Of 2009!

Watchmen: I Wish I Hadn’t!

Drag Me to Hell: Crazy Awesome! I Mean It!

He’s Just Not That Into You: Neither Am I!

Earth: Wasn’t this on Discovery Channel?!

What would be your five-words-or-less review of a movie you’ve recently seen?


One Response to “Sound Bite Me.”

  1. Brett Says:

    Public Enemies: Look into sound mixing!

    Brüno: Give me back my virtue!

    Drag Me to Hell: I agree with Yikbo!

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