The holiday movie roundup, part 2…

So I never got around to finishing my reviews of all the stuff I saw at Christmas.  And seeing how it’s practically February, the Oscar nominations are already out, and I no longer care to write about these movies, here are my reviews in a nutshell:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Watchable, but grossly overrated.  No life-changing message, just Brad Pitt as a dude who ages backwards and doesn’t learn anything.  13 Oscar nominations?  Really?  I hate films that tell you it’s a good movie as opposed to being a good movie.

Doubt: Great acting, kinda’ dull everything else.  Meryl Streep is great as the nun hell-bent on exposing Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s priest as the pedophile she suspects he might be.  Amy Adams and Viola Davis give great supporting turns as a naive nun and the mother of a troubled student, respectively.  All four deserve their Oscar nominations.

Now, let’s move on.


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