7 movies coming to a theater near you. But not too near.

Part of why I started this blog was to let my readers find out about movies they probably wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. (If you want information about movies you’ve already heard of, go somewhere else.)

That’s not to say I don’t/won’t see the big blockbusters, and that’s not to say I won’t review them here. But it’s always the little films that need good word of mouth that tend to restore my faith in movies. This summer, there are a lot movies that may never make it to your suburban multiplex (and, sadly, with gas prices what they are, a trip to the art house may not be feasible). But keep your eyes open. Sometimes these types of films play in a theater near you, usually for a week because they aren’t well advertised. (In my neck of the woods, a second-run “dollar” house picks up a lot of the films that never make it to the first run theaters. It’s nice to see a movie that wouldn’t normally come to my town, although the $1.50 admission–75 cents on Tuesdays–is an indicator of the quality of the movie-going experience at that theater.)

So here, in no particular order, are seven smaller films that may or may not make it to you this summer:

1. Young @ Heart

A documentary about old people singing. The initial premise sounds boring, yes, but they sing Coldplay!

2. Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Take a look at that dude’s arms. They literally look like Popeye’s! This looks crazy good.

3. Mongol

Foreign language film about Genghis Khan. Apparently it’s the first in a proposed trilogy!

4. The Visitor

A drama about a widowed college professor who finds out illegal aliens are living in his New York apartment. But instead of reporting them to the police, he lets them stay.

5. When Did You Last See Your Father?

Colin Firth and Jim Broadbent in a drama about the dynamics of the father-son relationship.

6. My Blueberry Nights

Norah Jones’s acting debut that also stars Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz and Jude Law. Reviews have been kind of tepid for this one, but I’d still like to see it.

7. American Teen

A documentary that’s being hailed as a real-life Breakfast Club. It might be painful to relive those awkward high school years, but it can’t be any worse than my awkward college years or awkward young adult years.

So there you have it–seven movies I probably won’t see in the theater (but not by choice). Expect upcoming “Netflix This” reviews to come from this list.


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One Response to “7 movies coming to a theater near you. But not too near.”

  1. striderdemme Says:

    My Blueberry Nights comes out on DVD this Tuesday; I’m really looking forward to it. And American Teen was great.

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